The range of Viridian AssaultGuard™ glass is an economical method of providing a barrier to forced entry while providing transparency and clarity. AssaultGuard incorporates interlayers four times the thickness of those manufactured in standard laminates and is designed to resist attack from a variety of hand tools used for forced entry such as hammers, crowbars and wood splitters.

AssaultGuard is typically used in commercial applications such as vulnerable shopfronts, windows and doorways susceptible  to break in. It is also used in a variety of other  ‘at risk’ applications such as pay booths, jewellery counters and display counters, providing enough resistance against ‘smash and grab’ theft.



Changes in the geopolitical climate have created a dramatic increase in demand for bomb and blast resistant glass. Very real and seemingly random threats to personal security have caused governments, public and private organisations as well as individuals to reassess security.


Bullet resistant glass has become increasingly more advanced over time. Glass thickness and weight have been reduced and light transmissions, as well as visual clarity, have been improved.
Nowhere are these innovations better demonstrated than with the Viridian BulletGuard™ product range.


IntruderGuard looks like normal glass yet provides a barrier to forced entry that is 20 times harder to break through than standard float glass and it achieves this without making a building look like a fortress. IntruderGuard is specifically developed to offer a resilient and enduring barrier for vulnerable entry points across a broad range of applications.
IntruderGuard is a 7.52mm laminated glass and provides extra resistance to penetration because its interlayer is four times thicker than normal laminated glass.


Viridian JailGuard™ is a specialised security glass primarily geared for use in correctional facilities such as police stations, remand centres, juvenile justice facilities and jails.

Products within the JailGuard range are designed to withstand a variety of attacks from hand tools and typical implements such as brooms, mop buckets, billiard balls and other objects found within correctional institutes. Simulated attack conditions using axes, wood splitters, crowbars and other hand tools have shown products within the JailGuard range capable of resisting penetration for extended periods.


MineGuard is a highly specialised bomb and blast resistant product designed specifically to protect military vehicles from the threat of anti personnel mines.
This highly specialised security glass has been specifically tested against a simulated PMN AP mine with a weight charge 240g TNT hemispherical surfaces burst 90° and one metre from the blast centre.


Viridian Observa™ is an observation mirror offering high quality one-way vision that effectively provides discreet, unobtrusive monitoring. It has the appearance of a mirror on the subject side, while providing privacy for observers. It is also laminated to provide protection from human impact and reduces noise transmission.