Core Products


Viridian VFloat™ sets the standard for quality and vision. It is the name we give our base products that are manufactured using the float glass process. We invite designers, architects and engineers to push the boundaries in the use of this extraordinary building material.


Glass is produced with brilliant flat surfaces providing clarity, low distortion and high daylight transmission. VFloat is manufactured either clear or toned (grey, bronze and green). It is available in a wide range of sizes enabling designers and customers to fill large transparent openings economically.
VFloat provides ease of cutting and it is ideal for further processing into a range of products available for general glazing, laminating, toughening, high performance coating, mirrors and decorative paint finishes.

Glass Processing

Most architectural glass will have some form of edgework other than edges that are clean-cut. The types of edge work are summarised in the table on page 119. In addition, there are specialist decorative finishes available that are primarily used for furniture. The guidelines for toughened safety glass summarise key dimensions and tolerances for holes and notches. Please refer any applications outside these tolerances to Viridian for review.

Heat Soaking

Heat soak treatment is a quality control process carried out on Viridian toughened safety glass. It is designed to reject glass panels that may potentially break due to impurities such as nickel sulphide or defective edges that are undetectable during manufacture.

Laminated Glass

Viridian VLam™ consists of two or more sheets of glass bonded together by heat and pressure with an interlayer of either PVB, EVA or a specialist high strength ionoplast interlayer.

Resin Pour or Cast In Place (CIP) is another form of lamination. Edge tape is applied to the edge of the glasses before a liquid resin is poured between the two sheets. The resin is cured under UV lights. Only available in New Zealand.

The result is a durable, adaptable high performance glazing material that can provide solutions to many architectural applications. Within the Viridian™ range there is a wide variety of laminated glass options.

Toughened Glass

Whenever the benefits of ordinary glass need to be combined with extra strength, safety or heat resistance, Viridian VTough™ toughened glass offers a complete and proven solution, allowing designers and specifiers greater scope with glass for building.